About Us

At Whoopsie Hair Ties, we redefine the ordinary hair tie, transforming it into a versatile, adaptable, and resilient accessory that mirrors the incredible strength of every woman.

As a woman-owned company, our mission extends beyond fashion – we're here to inspire empowerment and confidence, just like our innovative hair ties. Our founder's journey, marked by resilience and triumph, inspired the creation of Whoopsie Hair Ties as a symbol of adaptability. Much like the women who wear them, our hair ties effortlessly transition from wrist to hair, embodying the versatility required to navigate life's twists and turns.

In every package, you'll find more than just a hair tie; you'll discover a testament to adaptability and resilience. Whoopsie Hair Ties are designed to keep up with the dynamic, ever-changing lives of women. They are not just accessories; they are companions on your journey, showcasing the strength and flexibility that resides within.

Whoopsie Hair Ties – where style meets adaptability, resilience becomes a statement, and every hair tie is a reminder that you, like it, are uniquely versatile and beautifully strong.